SKY+ Glue


SKY+ Adhesive 5ml bottle.

SKY PLUS Adhesive Glue  is strong glue 1-2 sec curing time recommend for Professional use only.  Famous over the world for use in Russian Volume technique but can also be used for Classic Lash application.  With this glue you can work fast without any excess glue for a clean lash application.  Long bonding time 5-6 weeks.  It is a stronger fume than regular glue not recommend for use on sensitive eyes.  It is manufactured using the highest quality medically approved ingredients, it’s ISO Medically approved.  As with all glues a patch test is required 48 hours before client’s treatment. To keep glue fresh for longer, you should place it in a cool place ( 2-10 degrees celsius) and close the cap tightly after use.  Shelf life 6 months closed and 3 months opened.  Shake well before use.

Comes with a white lid.  Lid does not represent the strength of adhesive.



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