About Us

The Company

Hello Lash Queens, welcome to our lei LASH shop developed by a passionate lash technician!

The Company

 I have been working in the lash/beauty industry in Belfast for several years, I have developed an extensive knowledge of all involved in the lash industry after traveling to find the best available suppliers and as a highly trained lash technician I had the knowledge to select the best.  After running my own salon, the idea to develop my own lash brand was always something I wanted to do and after much time and research lei LASH was born in 2012 and are now luxury lash suppliers for all Lash Artists!

Another passion of mine which adds extra sparkle to the business was to supply luxury strip lashes and lash trays for all lash artists bringing you the highest quality but affordable lashes available on the market.

We have a wide range of strip and lash trays available the trays are the highest quality of silk and premades 4D and 5D are also available.

Lash Training

Once the brand was established, I naturally wanted to share my knowledge to other lash artists starting out.  I am delighted to pass on my tips by providing high quality accredited lash training including one on one mentor training to Lash Artists across the City.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding any of our products or training!

Sinead Creen X

Our Vision

To bring you high quality lash training and as a luxury lash supplier providing  the best strip, lash trays and all lash accessories on the market. Our collection has been in development 2 years and we have spent many pain staking hours choosing the best lashes. We have researched and traveled to find the best available suppliers. As highly trained Lash Technicians we have the knowledge to select the best. We hope you love lashes as much as we do!