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About Us

We are Luxury Strip Lash Specialists. Bringing you high quality strip lashes. Our collection has been in development 2 years and we have spent many pain staking hours choosing the best lash styles for all eye shapes. We have researched and traveled to find the best available suppliers.  As highly trained Lash Technicians we have the knowledge to select the best. I hope you love lashes as much as we do.

About Our Lashes

Our professional grade lashes are made of the finest of materials making them the soft, lightweight and fluffy. They are hand tied with a flexible band for easy application. Super luxurious and long lasting you can wear again and again up to 25 times. Discover our 3D mink and silk lashes. They are triple layered lashes giving you a fluffy soft look. 3D mink strip lashes are a favourite of the celebrities and are 100% Siberian Mink Fur. Whether you like a subtle look or full and glamorous they are most natural looking lashes ever made.