0.07 Lash Extentions – 18 Rows


Black Feather – Luxurious High Grade Silk

Recommended for Russian Lashes, from 2D – 6D. LeiLash Black Feather Pro Silk Eyelashes are made from soft and flexible Korean PBT silk thread. Handpicked from the most luxurious silk thread. They are soft, fluffy and lightweight. They are tapered at the tip and have a semi-gloss dark black finish giving a full and voluminous look. Available in lengths from 9 mm to 13 mm and Curls B, C, CC and D. All our lashes are packaged in trays with length indicator strips on each individual row for easy organization, speed and efficiency. Our single size trays have 18 rows. They include eyelash tray and glue palette.

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B Curl 10mm, B Curl 11mm, B Curl 12mm, B Curl 13mm, B Curl 9mm, B Curl Mixed Tray, C Curl 10mm, C Curl 11mm, C Curl 12mm, C Curl 13mm, C Curl 9mm, C Curl Mixed Tray, CC Curl 10mm, CC Curl 11mm, CC Curl 12mm, CC Curl 13mm, CC Curl 9mm, CC Curl Mixed Tray, D Curl 10mm, D Curl 11mm, D Curl 12mm, D Curl 13mm, D Curl 9mm, D Curl Mixed Tray


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